Cookie Flavors

Choose from any of these big, delicious, hand-made cookie flavors. All our cookies weigh about 4oz.each, yet they will disappear quickly. Our ginger-molasses cookies are THE BEST!

TRADITIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP - The cookie you've always wanted!

OLD FASHIONED GINGER MOLASSES - Unbelievably Incredible! Soft, Chewy and filled with nostalgia!

SNICKERDOODLE - The old fashioned cookie that brings back wonderful flavors and memories.

PEANUT BUTTER - Tender cookies loaded with all-natural peanut butter.

LUSCIOUS LEMON - Wonderful fresh lemon flavor in a great new cookie.

OATRAGEOUS - Amazingly great cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies with a unique twist

DOUBLE DELIGHT - Chocolate chocolate chip - very rich and chewy.

MINT DOUBLE DELIGHT - Peppermint combines with our chocolate chocolate chip to form an unbelievable taste experience.

ENGLISH TOFFEE - Soft chewy toffee cookies wit a hint of coconut - rich and yummy!

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Price: $15.00
Cookie Flavors: